04 January 1981

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All writing and photos are copyright Morgan Hungerford West and Panda Head Blog, unless otherwise noted or linked. Please feel free to use and re-post, but credit accordingly.

Panda Head Blog features affiliate links, which may provide commission based on clicks and/or sales. I've chosen ads that I feel are a fit with my own general ~vIbEz~ and visual content of the blog, and that I think might be of interest to Y-O-U. Any products featured within posts have been chosen with the same intent.

All giveaway winners are chosen by random number generator.

Any sponsored posts will be labeled at such, and will be written in the same voice (and featuring my own opinions; photography; sarcasm) as the rest of Panda Head Blog. Again, I will only work with brands, services, and products that fit with my own life and lifestyle.

I have not and will not ever sell your email address or personal information given via email, the NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS mailing list, or in blog comments.

Any questions? Holler at me.


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