04 January 1981

A tiny trove of Panda Head Magazine artifacts are below, sales of which fund future issues - thanks so much for taking a look!

Item No. 1: C V L T P A N D A  Evil-Eye Patch
Handmade fabric Evil-Eye patch, as seen in Issue 7's C V L T  feature by filmmaker Raul Zahir De Leon, as well as on the cover of Item No. 3. Each Evil-Eye is embellished with a metal "pupil," and can generally be relied upon to ward away unwanted VIBEZ. 20 18 available.

Item No. 2: Glitter Pin Pack
Set of 5 Panda Head Magazine handmade glitter pins. As seen HERE; 5ct. 1" covered pins, packaged in a 100% drug-free Panda Mag SWAG BAG. 10 available.

Item No. 3: Non-Auction Catalogue
Designed by Nilay Lawson and curated by THE GANG, the Non-Auction Catalogue lists (with a narrative bent) items that were available during A PANDA HEAD BIZARRE: A NON-AUCTION EVENT IN SUPPORT OF ISSUE 7, which took place on November 18, 2012. Stitched binding; 10 pages; 10 available.

Item No. 4: assorted Day of the Dead Masks
Lot of 4 Day of the Dead masks, as seen in Issue 2's feature "Little Ghost: A Celebration of Dia de los Muertos," as photographed by Liz Gorman. Some wear and tear.

Item No. 5: "DONT TOUCH" Sign
12"x16" cardboard sign, proclaiming "DONT TOUCH!" Highly effective; created to ward potential mishaps away from a box of unassembled Items No. 6 for a period of no less than three years.

Item No. 6: Jenny's Story
A short story by writer Chris O'Brien, with photography by Ashley Fulwiler. Featured in Issue 5 and designed by Nilay Lawson, the story is printed on the back of 4x6 "vacation photos," and packaged as if developed by Panda Head One Hour Photo. A tangible companion to the Issue, "Jenny's Story" functions as both deconstructed short story and stand-alone art piece.

Item No. 7: Pizza Party with the Gang
Beers and pizza with your friends at the Mag: Morgan, Erik, Nilay, and Kate. DC location and date TBD. Illustrious company (and many thanks for your support) by THE GANG! Illustration by our friend Bryan Minnich!


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