02 October 2006

alexandria: king street.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are madras "do's" and madras "don'ts" and I would enter these two in the latter category. I like the attempt with the red belt and the boots, there is a jaunty attitude there. But she needs to edit the plaid so that there is just a fraction of what she has on now. I think that Old Navy Madras commercial really went to her head.

5:31 PM  
Blogger panda head said...

haha i'm inclined to agree with you here, but i have to say - the teen girls are some of my favorite subjects because
a) they tend NOT to edit themselves, and sometimes that results in Too Many Trends, but more often than not it's just because...
b) they're still cultivating their personal style and i really applaud them - everyone remembers how self-conscious the teen years were and i get stoked when girls are willing to ignore peer criticism and just wear what they want. haha and there's also that pack-mentality they've got, hence the army of madras here. a few tweaks are in order, absolutely, but they're definitely working towards identities.

11:58 AM  

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