22 October 2006

panda head features...

name: Rory Patrick Sheridan
age: Twenty Six
occupation: As of now Prepress designer, but in five weeks I will be growing a mustache and riding in a van with 8 dudes for a week drinking PBR and skateboarding. After that I don't know or care.

on any given day, what are you likely to be wearing?
Nike Skate shoes, tight ones, tshirt, perfect hair, and a smile

do you dress according to trends? any you especally like/dislike?
Not consciously - I try not to get into any trends. I used to try to model my steeze after Marty Mcfly from the 'Back to the Future' movies. As far as trends, the hipster shit from the late 90s has morphed into this over-the-top shit which is just ridiculous. It’s not as bad out here in DC, but when I go to a coffee shop and see a 22 year old dude dressed like David Bowie from the Diamond Dogs era I want to throw up. I also want to vomit on girls with elf boots or bright colored eye shadow. I haven’t noticed any “trends” out here that really catch my eye, I just like a nice creative kit that doesn’t cry out for attention. Subtle radness.

where do you like to shop?
I like thrift stores in middle America. Painted Bird in SF has the best deals. There is a Christian thrift store on Route 1 in Alexandria that has some gems. I got an Arch Enemy shirt with “Pure Fucking Metal” printed on the back for $1. They almost fainted when they realized they were carrying such an item...The only chain [store] I’m into is Target for sox. I hate Urban Outfitters.

your definition of 'fashionable' or 'stylish?'
Perfect hair for girls, sneakers for guys. Frank Sinatra hats are sick. Spontaneous tattoos.

style inspirations?
HAL HARTLEY!! Woody Allen, Rambo, west-ghost.com, Cy Twombly, Peter Tsouras, Ferris Plock, Devendra [Banhart], 29, Joanna Newsom, Jonathan Ames, 'Commando,' and 'Coming To America.'

any philosophy behind your clothing line, superperfecthair?
Being productive outside of your “job” with a positive mental attitude (PMA) while keeping true to your teenage counterculture roots as you move toward your thirties. Admiring perfect hair cuts while sipping a pineapple royale cocktail, poolside.

what do you spend money on (clothing-wise)?
I bought a Peter Gabriel shirt for $35 the other day.

DC trends you've noticed? Your opinion?
Faux hawks and AFI influence on dudes is wack. Wearing bandanas on your neck like Sebastian Bach is sick. Jean shorts! For girls, the hair has gotten a lot better since last time I was here. Bad on girls, that neon purple eye make up shit. Its like a DVD bonus of Party Monster.

Your take on DC fashion?
There are too many sub-sects to say, but I think it’s wrongfully ignored by the rest of the country. But not for long. It's on the come up.

rory wears a thrasher tshirt, ferris plock sweatshirt, diesel jeans, vans slip ons, and a smile. he accessorizes with superperfectwife, jessica olympia sheridan.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

rory sheridan is the hottest new guy / native in dc

5:20 PM  
Blogger RIDING THE FADER said...

I will give you $40 bucks for the Gabriel Tee Rory.

4:19 PM  
Anonymous chaz said...

Diesel jeans + Urban Outfitters hate = yawn. Nothing is particularly subtle or rad about that fit. Sounds like an interesting dude, but you didn't catch him on an especially interestign day.

4:56 PM  

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