22 October 2006

rock and roll hotel: garutachi/american (apparel) psycho party.


Blogger panda head said...

1. rambo and marie antoinette. i love the wig(s) and the makeup.
2. i'm so glad it's getting cold again, as hats with earflaps are undeniably cute/awesome/warm.
3. the boots were cut out of this picture, but trust me, they were good. i also thought the scarf looked great. arm punch courtesy of rambo.
4. such a chic costume! i forgot to ask what she was dressed is but the trench coat/tights combo was so classic looking and great. she looked like a parisian lady spy.
5. these girls! the most stylish costumes of the night. i don't think i could love the 'madeline' idea/execution any more, and i love both their tights. check the black nail polish on the bride.
6. i looooooove the different shades of grey and the shoes were perfect. amy is opening a boutique in DC sometime in the near future, i hope she gets the chance to help dress us all.
7. classic, classic, classic. she looked great and kept the black and white modern (not mod) with the wide belt and frills on the dress. the girl i accidentally got in the background doesn't look bad either; i wish i had noticed her at the time!

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