13 November 2006

black cat: detroit cobras.


Blogger panda head said...

lindsay and i went to this show together and split camera duty after her battery died. THE RESULTS:
1. we had to give it to her for having a style that was completely her own. nothing wrong with keeping it basic black. she also had a mod little black&white dress on under the mod little peacoat.
2. we noticed her outfit immediately when she walked upstairs; she totally pulled off a sort of 50s rockandroll look without looking dated or weird. and i love the contrasting colors.
3. i love nothing more than a cream or white shoe with an all black outfit. the eyelet dress was made fall-appropriate with leggings, and on top of that, they're a really good length.

11:28 PM  
Anonymous El Harto said...

these two ladies were at the show together:

4 and 5. i have a fascination with the rollergirls and rockabilly "lifestyle". maybe its the amazing hair? see picture four with the short bangs and five with the extreme pompador. maybe its the bright red lipstick? maybe its the awesome pink lightning bolt belt buckle that would totally not work on anyone else?? is it just me or is there not enough of this running around DC?


8:27 AM  

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