14 November 2006

panda head features...

name: kat
age: 24
occupation: boutique girl at pop.

describe your style - do you have seasonal 'uniforms' or do you wear different stuff all the time?
no matter the season or occasion my uniform consists of boots and bangs, unkempt hair, and cat eyes. i live in boots and have over 25 pairs. i love skinny pants and trapeze frocks. my foolproof outfit is always a tiny dress with my favorite motorcycle boots, i like how the boots toughen up an otherwise pretty dress. and because i'm so tiny (5'2!) i usually wear shirts as dresses. i'm a firm believer in the shorter, the better. oh and if i'm not wearing boots (which is very, very rare) i love pretty round toe pumps.

where are your favorite places to shop?
new york and philadelphia boutiques. i love thrift stores! i've found amazing vintage dresses, skirts, boots, and jewelry at thrift stores for dirt cheap prices. once i found a vintage gucci bag for $3. recently i discovered and fell in love with forever 21 because i can usually find a gauzy trapeze top to wear as a dress. and of course pop! and if money weren't an issue: marc jacobs, 3.1 phillip lim, lanvin, balenciaga, anna sui, chanel, and alexander mcqueen.

any difference in getting dressed for work and dressing for yourself?
not at all, what i wear to work is what you'd find me in if i weren't at work. pop's dress code is anything fashionable and cute. i obviously don't have a problem with this, ha. i love the fact that if i wake up and on a whim i want to dress up as a pirate, or a 1975 rolling stone groupie, or a hitchcock heroine it's totally acceptable. anything goes!

any style inspirations?
ladies who were not only fashion icons but possessed timeless beauty and sensuality: anna karina, audrey hepburn, francoise hardy, jane birkin, sophia loren; i love ladies who have a knack for putting things together that ordinary people wouldn't think of: kate moss, zooey deschanel, chloe sevigny, maggie gyllenhaal; pj harvey circa stories from the city, stories from the sea; 1975 keith richards; jean luc godard's une femme est une femme and masculin, feminin; nylon magazine; kittens, puppies, and unicorns.

your take - DC fashion vs. NYC style?
taking a walk in new york i can spot a girl/boy on every block and go "ooh how cute" or "i want that." in dc it's quite the opposite and i can go days without spotting anyone in anything stylish. i'm quite fortunate though that my friends in dc are totally stylish and lovely. for whatever reason people in new york aren't afraid to take risks or look ridiculous - i think that most people in dc just take themselves too seriously. when i do see someone in dc who is stylish and put together it's like a breath of fresh air and totally unexpected.

picture 1: kat wears a sweaterdress from shop (nyc), frye boots ("those boots are my pals!"), and a rosary from her mother. picture 2: kat's sweater is from free people, the vintage skirt was a thrift store find, marc jacobs shoes, and necklaces from lost+found (philadelphia). interview and photos: morgan


Blogger eurobrat said...

Merci. Right back at you Mdm. Morgan!

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's right, she is fabulous!

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. Take a look on my shoes
Marina (from France)

6:00 PM  

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