10 December 2006

panache: DC fashionistas' 'behind the scenes'


Blogger panda head said...

1. she makes (and sells!) these corset belts - i like this leather one with the gold necklaces. B.Loved Designs
2&3. two very individualized takes on the classic oxford shirt - i especially like the metallics in both outfits.
4. i love nothing more than a good pussycat-bow blouse, and the color is fantastic on her. abigail de casanova - handbags, jewelry, and vintage clothing.
5. there's something so great and early 90s about this - it's like the prom dress you would've died for in one of your first issues of seventeen.
6. i dig the high-waisted jumper.
7. looking dapper!
8. these ladies were very classically stylish, but kept things fresh with skinny denim and round toe flats (umm sorry, there wasn't much room this time for full lengths. just concentrate on what pretty colors they're wearing!).
9. man i loved this. her shirt is printed with DIAMONDS and JEWELS, she's got an amazing cropped jacket with a sweet peterpan collar, and her flat plaid sneakers are spot on.
10. her bold, primary color accessories made this simple knit dress anything but boring. and check her perfect makeup! necolesmakeup@hotmail.com

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Morgan for supporting our event. It was really nice to meet you. We had so much fun! Can't wait til next time.
-B.Loved Designs
Corset Belts

10:09 AM  

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