28 December 2006

panda head features...

name: Austin Reed McFarland
age: 19
occupation: Graphic designer for Tease and Garuatachi, Research Assistant at the Natural History Museum.

describe your style.
Classic plus sexy, divided by hip-hop, times fabulous.
do you follow trends? how do you stay current?
Everything has been done and everything seems to be trendy. So I try hard to stay ahead of the game by keeping an eye on Dior Homme, Costume National, or even bands. Also, it's easy to say 'the sailor look is in' or 'equestrian is hip now' or 'animal print is hot,' but I mean, haven't they always been hot? So I just wear whatever I feel sharp in, then I wait for the gods to declare it a trend or not. I HATE TENNIS SHOES, and witty t-shirts.
favorite places to shop?
Ebay is my savior when it comes to shoes; for guys it's hard to find shoes - especially specific ones. Just got a pair of equestrian boots from there and some ankle boots, something I couldn't find downtown. Guys' clothing is the hardest to find so it takes some serious shopping to find the goods. and I look EVERYWHERE. When all else fails I'll make a trip to NY.
what inspires you, fashion-wise?
I read +10 Mens, it's a magazine that is really excellent for men's fashion, at least the kind I like. And I can't stress Dior Homme enough, it's a godsend.
favorite designers?
Hedi Slimane for his talent at Dior. But I am also always impressed with Brian Lichtenberg and 3asfour.They just seem to have their shit together.
how would you define 'fashionable' or stylish?'
That's hard to say. I have nothing against other people's style, in fact, what I respect the most is someone going with their gut and just putting something on because they love it and feel original.
what's your absolute favorite item of clothing?
I have a pair of silver Marc Jacobs high tops that I would take a bullet for.
your take on DC style?
I feel like since I've been in DC, a little over a year now, I've noticed an increase in 'hip' style, but for the most part I feel like a rare unicorn in this city. People seem very reserved here, but they do give me respect when I walk around in a neon pink Versace tank top and cut-off jeans and cowboy boots, which makes me believe there is hope.

interview: morgan; photo1: byt/kingpin photo; photo(shop)2: austin mcfarland.


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I have a pair of silver Marc Jacobs high tops that I would take a bullet for.


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