19 December 2006

panda head interviews...daisy lacy.

those who frequent local craft fairs may already be familiar with daisy lacy and her line of silkscreened and otherwise reworked vintage; she produces highly covetable bags, jewelry, and clothing that fall anywhere between charming (think totes printed with little bicycles and tops embellished with fruit appliques) and sweetly serious (brass necklaces adorned with woodland creatures and an amazing print of a pirate ship at sea). i once ran into a friend at crafty bastards on the way back from daisy's booth - she had just bought everything she could that had been screened with her rabbit design because she 'didn't like anyone else to have it!' keep an eye out for her at local crafting events (and those not so local, like renegade), and check out her pieces available at meeps (in the district) and treehouse (in brooklyn).

how long have you been making clothes, and how is your work now different from when you started?
I started making things when I was about 15 - I learned to silkscreen and it was awesome! I was a total Smiths fanatic so pretty much everything I made had Morrissey's face on it. I've been a thrifter since high school as well and I figured I'd combine my passions. I think the first thing I ever made was a morton salt girl dress - I was about 12 or 13 and I didn't know how to use a sewing machine. The whole thing was made out of this yellow flannel material and hand sewn. These days I still like the morton salt girl aesthetic - but I'd say my craftsmanship has improved.
what inspires you? any philosophy behind your work?
I'm inspired by a lot of different things but I'd say the thing that got me started was this calico print dress my mom made for me when I was about 5 years old. I don't have the dress anymore but I have this photograph of myself wearing it with these little knee socks and sandals - sounds out there but somehow it worked. That was a pretty slick outfit for a 5 year old! My philosophy has a lot to do with making affordable clothing that is cute and unique. For right now that involves reworking things that I find at thrift stores - adding appliques, collars, silkscreens. I also make accessories like necklaces and earrings.
what do you like about being a designer in DC?
Being a designer in DC is great because it's a relatively small community so it's easy to meet other designers, and people are really interested in buying indie.

interview by morgan; photo by anna tucker. panda head would like to start featuring local designers, owners and employees of independently owned shops, and anyone else involved in promoting individual style in DC. if you know someone we should talk to or would like to be featured yourself, email us at panda_head_blog@yahoo.com.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

She sounds awesome! I've got to get to DC to see her stuff.

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Daisy Lacy is awesome! bought one of her cat scarves at Smash! in adams-morgan

8:23 PM  

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