05 February 2007

panda head features...

stereo faith on myspace.

how would you describe your style?
my style is an eclectic mix of early 80s punk rocker, mid 80s skate rat and late 80s inner city drug dealer.
do you pay attention to trends? how do you stay current?
i do pay attention to style trends. as a d.j. i’m consistently in nightclubs, on the streets promoting, and reading music/fashion magazines. so, i’m constantly aware of the shifts in style. however, i’m not much of a follower of what’s “in style.” i buy what i like whether or not it’s cool or trendy. in fact, i’m quite pleased when someone criticizes something i wear. it lets me know that i’m bucking the trends.
where do you like to shop?
i shop at NEIMAN MARCUS and SAKS FIFTH AVENUE for evening and semi-formal wear. i shop at PREMIUM GOODS (brooklyn, ny), PITCREW SKATEBOARDS (frederick, md), ELITE BOARDSHOP (fairfax, va), GENTEI (baltimore, md) and MAJOR (washington, dc) for streetwear. i have an allegiance to these stores and i generally don’t shop anywhere else.
what do you spend money on, clothing-wise? are you a collector of anything?
i’m an avid sneaker, t-shirt and vinyl record collector. i have been collecting all three since the 80’s. however, in the past few years, i’ve sold large portions of my sneaker and t-shirt collections to supplement my record purchases. at one time i owned around 400 pairs of sneakers. at present, i’m down to about 225 or so. i still own hundreds of band and streetwear t-shirts and well over 1000 records.
what's your favorite item of clothing?
my favorite item of clothing would be my red and black NIKE air jordan 1’s. the air jordan 1 made its debut in 1985 - my freshman year of high school. it’s a clean and simple sneaker with none of the bells and whistles that appear on most current sneakers. i prefer simple sneakers, hence my lifelong obsession with NIKE dunks, air force 1’s and air jordan 1’s. i consider those to be timeless classics. they have never gone “out of style”.
any favored denim company?
my favorite denim company is LEVI’S. once again you have another timeless classic. i’ve seen many denim brands come and go as far as being “in vogue” (AJ’S, DAMAGE jeans, USED jeans, GUESS, etc.). but, in my opinion, LEVI’S have never fallen to shifts in trends. i also own jeans by NUDIE, SEVEN, ROGAN and H&M, but i guarantee you in 10 years they will be relegated to KARL KANI, FUBU and SERGIO VALENTE status. you’ll be embarrassed to wear them.
what inspires you to get dressed?
the things that inspire me to get dressed are 80’s rap videos, the BONES BRIGADE skate team (POWELL PERALTA) and the people who performed at and frequented CBGB’s in the 70’s. movie like “fast times at ridgemont high,” “rad,” “thrashin,” “rock and roll high school,” and “beat street.” books like “please kill me,” “banned in dc,” and “lexicon devil”. i wouldn’t say that my style mimics any particular one of these things. they are simply an inspiration for what i wear and how i choose to wear it.
how would you compare DC's style with that of other cities you frequent? what's your take on DC style in general?
in comparison to many of the other cities i frequent, dc falls somewhere below new york and philly, yet light years ahead of more southern cities like atlanta. i’m a firm believer that ny sets the trends that most other cities follow. new york is commonly known as the fashion capital. dc’s style, in my opinion, is a result of the city’s transient nature. you rarely meet people that are born and raised here. everyone seems to have relocated from somewhere else. next thing you know, they’ve moved on. i think dc’s style is a direct result of the merging of different cities' styles.

interview and photo: morgan. stereo faith photographed on hanover street, NW.


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