25 February 2007

redeem: prevue revue.


Anonymous Pandahead said...

Party at Redeem, an awesome new DC clothing store on 14th street:

1. Layers! The scarf added a great contrast to the rest of the outfit and the shoes had a lot of personality. i dug the shirt which was part sweater/part suede. rock.

2. This is a simple outfit that always works. I loved the worn-in boots and I am always a fan of black and brown together. The big buttons were adorable.

Much love and stay warm!,

3:26 PM  
Anonymous PLAY said...

I love the sneaker detail in the first picture. Preppy with a twist. v cool:-))

4:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*love* the guy in the first picture. sooo hot :)

3:01 PM  

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