30 March 2007

panda head features...

name: ashley may
age: 25
occupation: makeup artist (www.canvasface.com)/bartender
how would you describe your style?
Timeless. As in: I have no time to dress how I'd like to. Har har.
do you follow trends? how do you stay current?
I have lots of small pockets of downtime at work and I go through magazines like chocolates. It's actually quite funny because I make all this effort to dog-ear pages containing things I plan to buy, then I never have time to get them because I am always at work. Alas...
where do you like to shop?
My latest obsession is Intermix. I know, I know! They're pricey but they have amaaaazing sales.
who or what inspires you, fashion-wise?
Sienna Miller is totally my style star. And I'm constantly inspired by people I see walking around sporting pieces that I covet, then I go out and search for their lookalikes.
any favorite designers?
I am a die hard Marc Jacobs fan. He can do no wrong. and I don't care if his next collection looks like garbage I would worship him still. Of course Chloe. And I am really excited about Christopher Kane as someone that has been designing for a bit and is now getting some serious recognition...I think he's amazing and has a huge future.
if $$$$ wasn't an issue, what would you buy?
Every dress from Chloe's spring/summer 2007 collection. Delman pumps. Wolford Trend line tights.
how would you define 'fashionable' or 'stylish?'
Trying to [define it] is just stupid. If it looks good on a particular person, it's stylish.
in your opinion, is makeup more important than clothing?
Makeup has to work with clothing - People that pay attention to one and not the other always look unbalanced. Clothes are probably a bit more crucial to an overall look, but I definitely think makeup is more important than hair. I wish more people realized the power of it.
what's your favorite item of clothing?
This changes on the regular. I become enthralled with new things. Right now I'm sleeping with my Michael Kors boots under my pillow. Seriously.
what's your take on DC style?
I am too immersed in DC to have a truly objective view on the city's style - in terms of fashion at least...I can tell you that when I first moved here, almost 5 years ago, I was really disappointed. In Philadelphia, which is where I was living before, people have this weathered, eclectic look. And New York is just New York. Washington has very few standouts in my opinion. Not that many people on the block seem like they put much thought into their look .. but like I said, who am I to judge?

interview & photo: morgan. ashley may wears thrift store finds and shoes from steve madden. "Fashion's where you find it!"


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I love tattoos. I can't wait till we start seeing elderly ladies with fadded sleeves.

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