11 March 2007

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the raveonettes are as well known for their unmistakable brand of 1950s-inspired rock and roll as they are for their impeccably cool style. their music is a sultry, noir hybrid of 60s girl-group vocal harmonies and sickening surf guitar riffs; their looks range from james dean classic to rockabilly vintage, pulled together with a very modern danish sensibility. this friday night sune rose wagner and sharin foo play a 'loud, intimate, and very electric' duo show at rock and roll hotel with the pity party and DC's own jette-ives. stick around afterwards for their guest dj set, and until then, put 'pretty in black' on repeat and read this interview over and over. that's what i'll be doing.
how would you describe your style?
SuneRoseWagner: Classic, that's it.
SharinFoo: Feminine, classic, sophisticated with a playful pin-up touch and a rock’n’roll twist.
do you pay attention to trends? if so, how do you stay current?
SRW: When you're into classic and timeless style you don't have to stay current or trendy, that's the beauty of it.
SF: I guess I can be a little bit of a trend victim in some sense… but I always stay very true to the style that works for me, whether that is in or out of fashion. But I do enjoy the occasional fashion show and I like to discover new, upcoming designers.
what do you spend money on, clothing-wise?
SRW: Vintage cardigans and sun glasses. Sometimes a vintage shirt.
SF: Shoes more than clothes. Beautiful one-of-a-kind vintage pieces.
how do you pack for tour?
SRW: Very light. I've learned that over the years. 1 pair of pants, 1 pair of boots, plenty of shirts and a few of my favorite cardigans. tons of underwear:)
SF: Ouch. Not light. I like to have a good and varied selection on or off tour.
does what you wear on stage differ from what you wear off stage?
SRW: Not at all. I learned that from Kurt Cobain.
SF: Not so much. But I definitely have a few dresses that I have worn on stage that I would not wear on an everyday basis. Like for instance, my baby blue rockabilly skirt with pompoms. Wouldn’t work on the streets on NY.
what's your absolute favorite item of clothing?
SRW: My John Lennon boots.
SF: Dresses. And skirts. At present it’s my high waist “Staerk” pencil skirt by Danish designer Camilla Staerk.
who or what do you find inspiring, style-wise?
SRW: Movies, music and travelling.
SF: Literature, art/design books, music, architecture, exhibitions, movies, people-watching, multi-culture, traveling. Lately I have been very obsessed with Eileen Gray, an amazing furniture designer and lacquer artist. Before her it was Monica Vitti.
do you have any favored designers? why do you like their clothes?
SRW: I really like Danish designer Camilla Staerk because most of her clothes for men are black and very classic. I think Acne Jeans make great classic stuff too. I like Ben Sherman for a more British, almost mod feel and finally Lindeberg is very cool and classic too.
SF: I love Staerk with her feminine sense that’s so classic but innovative and futuristic at the same time, - amazing shoes and bags. Luella Bartley. Noir. Acne Jeans (not just the jeans). And then I will admire pieces from the high end fashion houses that I can’t really afford.
do you make or customize any of your own clothing?
SRW: I sometimes ask my sister to make band t-shirts for me like Suicide, The Ronettes, The Shangri-Las, The Cramps, etc...
SF: Not so much. I’ll cut the occasional sleeve or neck off my t-shirts.
what city do you find to be the most stylish?
SRW: London.
SF: Tokyo
how would YOU define 'stylish?'
SRW: A place where young people are quick to pick up on new and interesting things and modify them and truly make them their own.
SF: Confidence in taste. Being innovative and unique in your aesthetic.

interview: morgan. photos nicked with permission from the raveonettes' myspace. see more there or at theraveonettes.com. **still don't have enough? head over to byt for even more on the raveonettes.**


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