25 April 2007

panda head interviews...

DC's own bellman barker churns out the kind of heartfelt, summer-friendly indie pop that makes you want to hold hands and barbecue while listening to 'molly maroon' on repeat. if you're as yet unacquainted with them (or are just in need of a soundtrack befitting the upcoming weather) see them tonight at DC9 - they're playing a bigyawn.net show with the beanstalk library and mikal evans band.

how would you describe your style?
THOMAS: I think it's something like Major Dad tries to fit in at a swinging barbeque with French asshole hipsters.
MIKE: i let aaron and tom use me as their dress up doll.
AARON: French asshole hipster.
do you pay attention to trends? how do you stay current?
THOMAS: I don't get much exposure to TV or magazines, so I mostly rely on my friends (like I'm Columbia Heights/Mt Pleasant current). If I like what people are wearing, I can be a sheep. Baaaaaa.
MIKE: um, mildly?
JOHN: Not particularly.
AARON: It comes natural.
what are your wardrobe staples?
THOMAS: For casual-wear I like jeans and a 60's/70's button-down shirt (short sleeves!) or sometimes a t-shirt - generally something with an interesting color or pattern. For work I really like these Ben Sherman dark charcoal slacks that my girlfriend bought me - oh, and Brooks Brothers no-wrinkle button-down shirts - I wouldn't say they're stylish but they definitely get me through the work week without too much effort.
MIKE: bootcut jeans, corduroy jacket.
JOHN: Chuck Taylors , black t-shirts, a light jacket (unless it's scorching hot).
AARON: Fashion briefs. Jeans.
does what you wear on stage differ from what you wear off stage?
THOMAS: Not really - although I'm more likely to save my favorite clothes for when I'm under the bright lights.
MIKE: only if you count the sock i put in my pants to impress the ladies.
JOHN: I do what I am told.
AARON: What did Albert Hammond Jr say?
what's your absolute favorite item of clothing?
THOMAS: I think fondly of my shoes, though I only have a few pair - blue and red pumas that I've had for years and are super-comfortable, off-white hi-top chucks that I noticed in an old Goldfrapp video - I've also got these red leather boots recently that zip up the sides - they are pretty bitchin' but also pretty uncomfortable.
MIKE: AC/DC 1996 Ballbreaker Tour T-shirt.
JOHN: My belt buckle, it's a family heirloom.
AARON: My Honduras belt.
who or what do you find inspiring, style-wise?
THOMAS: High collars, primary colors, Svenonius - check out those socks!
MIKE: The beards from the guys in ZZ Top.
what city do you find to be the most stylish?
THOMAS: Probably New York as far as I've traveled.
MIKE: La Habana, por supuesto, asere.
AARON: Rapid City, South Dakota.
do you have any favored designers?
THOMAS: Can't say that I do as far as designers, but if I'm out of work before 6:30, I do try to go by Meeps, which is on my way home.
MIKE: not really.
AARON: Most local designers don't make men's clothes. I mean, that's ok for Tom, but what about the rest of us?
do you make or customize any of your own clothing?
THOMAS: Nope - too much time customizing muzak instead I'm afraid.
MIKE: nope - too lazy.
JOHN: No...I never took Home Ec.
AARON: I wear a bison pin that my friend Nyrhtak gave me.
how would YOU define 'stylish?'
THOMAS: If you even have an idea of what you want to look like and some idea of how to get there, you're probably doing pretty well and hopefully it will show. Just make it work...
MIKE: really it's just about being really really ridiculously good-looking.
JOHN: Looking good in what you wear, not TOO over-the-top.
AARON: short shorts?
what's your take on DC fashion?
THOMAS: Functional networking attire (for all walks of life) - work the room!
MIKE: It's hip to be square
AARON: short shorts!

interview: morgan. pictures by shervin lainez of shervinfoto. bellman barker has both a website and a myspace page. they are very technologically advanced.


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