26 April 2007

panda head interviews...breck from the apes.

amanda as majestic ape, breck as lucius twilight, jeff as ronald wolf, erick as jackie magik - onstage they're the apes, DC's favorite carnival ride of a band. never has such organ-heavy, punk-tinged psych-rock encouraged such spontaneous handclapping; their shows are loud and nothing short of excellent. see them play this sunday at rock and roll hotel when, with brooklyn's pterodactyl, they open up for deerhunter.

how would you describe your style?
Senior fresh - somewhere between my southern grandfather and what I wore as a child.
do you pay attention to trends? how do you stay current?
Of course, I like to steal elements but never the whole package.
how do you pack for tour?
Three pants/jeans, three t-shirts, three short sleeve, three long sleeve, three pair of socks, three pair of shoes/sneakers (Same amount for any duration of time.)
does what you wear on stage differ from what you wear off stage?
Barely. Same clothes just arranged more as an “outfit.”
what city do you find to be the most stylish?
Not sure, everyone everywhere seems to be looking at the same websites.
how would YOU define 'stylish?'
Comfortable and fitting to body type. Some things aren’t for everybody
what's your favorite item of clothing?
Black short sleeve scrub (nurse shirt).
who or what do you find inspiring, style-wise?
James Brown, custom fit.
do you have any favored designers?
I tend to pick up Oscar De La Renta clothing at thrift stores.
do you make or customize any of your own clothing?
Have attempted t-shirts (success) and pants (not a success). I’ll try again tomorrow.

interview: morgan. photo from the apes on myspace. visit them there or at their website, where i found this, which i really like but couldn't find a way to use.


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