18 April 2007

shop. drink. dance. repeat.

the countdown to STYLEistics has officially begun! this saturday night at rock and roll hotel, come meet me & muss vintage, kenny & flux rad, meg & enderby, cortney & clap, angie & EYEsore, lindsay & el harto imports, rory & superperfecthair, jesse & realm, and amy & treat. get there early to buy your super-limited edition, for-charity, STYLEistics t shirts, and to take advantage of the free booze, drink specials, and heatherette giveaways. djs ca$$idy, cale, and austin will be providing the soundtrack, and stick around afterwards for garutachi and a dj set from johanna and JD of le tigre!
while i hope everybody's been stoked on the interviews and features that have been running while i've been busily getting ready for this thing, i want to make up in a big way for the lack of picture posts - saturday night panda head will be all set up in the MAO SUITE! so head upstairs and allll the way back to shop muss vintage and to pose for panda head pictures, as well to meet our suite-mates amy and chris of treat - and don't forget, treat will be hosting free hair and makeup touch-ups from vidal sassoon.
so for those of you in DC, please stop by the mao suite and say hi - and everybody can expect a major photo update on monday! until then, check out joel's and svetlana's pictures from the last STYLEistics and get all amped. see you saturday!


Blogger DC said...

K, I check out the photos. Can't believe that you used to be a blonde!! ;) See you Saturday... xoxo-Shana

11:00 AM  
Blogger Tess said...

Wish I could be there Saturday night! Good luck with mao suite. Can't wait to see all the pictures...

11:20 AM  
Blogger DC Celine said...

Oh dear, I so wish I could be there...to darn late for The Bean.

4:27 PM  
Blogger "kAspaH" said...

damn I wish I didnt have a concert in baltimore that night..otherwise id soo be there!

11:58 PM  

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