12 April 2007

smash! reopens!

i remember going to smash! as a teen and buying the shit out of their manic panic; in later years i'd stop by to check out the local designer racks - especially pieces by daisy lacy. after closing up shop in the summer of 2006, daisy and her boyfriend matt have reopened the store in its new adams morgan location. they'll continue to carry the punk, indie and alternative CD's, LP's and 7"s smash! has been known for since opening in 1984, and not only will they still be selling locally designed clothing but they're throwing in vintage as well.
i'm excited (along with half the city's female population, i imagine) to have steady access to daisy's creations and to her vintage collections, and it's also rad to have yet another independently owned record store open up in the neighborhood. as of right now they're only accepting cash and they're not yet stocked up on hair dye (probably a good thing for me, as this made me oddly nostalgic for all of this), but otherwise they're back in business. visit them on the second floor of 2314 18th st NW.


Blogger Dilly said...

I was so psyched to hear this as well... my high school years were spent in Georgetown, in Smash (and then often my bathroom where I would Manic Panic the hair of my friends and myself)!

7:39 AM  

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