01 May 2007

panda head features...

name Liz Gorman
occupation Professional Party-Goer/ Photographer
let's not talk about art

describe your style.
It changes from day to day: sometimes I like to dress in all black for a kind of mod look; other days I'm a total hippie chick in a vintage dress and thrift store shoes. I feel like it's important to change your look up, surprise people, not be too predictable. In terms of work, my job is going to parties and running around taking pictures of people. Sometimes I'll wear a cocktail dress to blend in more, other times I'll just wear jeans. I love my job.
do you dress according to trends? how do you stay current?
Lately, I've been leaning towards a hybrid of current looks with vintage finds. I follow current trends while keeping in mind what looked good in past generations.
what are your wardrobe staples?
Indigo Six skinny jeans from Mustard Seed in Bethesda, a late '70s white and brown leather Dooney and Bourke purse, a pair of fantastic sunglasses from Mercedes Bien.
any favorite designers?
I was with a girl last night who was wearing a wedding dress from Meeps. It was probably from the 70's and was all lace and pink bows. When someone came up to her, inquiring where she got it, she said "Marc Jacobs." The girl of course loved it because everyone loves Marc Jacobs. The point is, it didn't matter where the dress was from; it looked good. Just look good and be confident.
where are your favorite places to shop?
Meeps, Nana, Mercedes Bien, Mustard Seed, Second Hand Rose (both Georgetown and Rockville), the wonderful thrift stores in Laurel and Bethesda.
who or what inspires you, fashion-wise?
Yé-yé girls, all the Factory regulars, Fellini's 'City of Women,' 'Nadja' by Andre Breton, Brassaï, Blue States Lose, obviously.
how would you define 'stylish?'
Being confident and comfortable. Also, looking like you could be in a band. Kidding, mostly.
what's your current favorite item of clothing?
White 60s mini dress.
if $$$ was of no concern, what would you buy?
A time machine so I could buy all of the clothes that Anna Karina and Jane Birkin wore.
your take on DC fashion/style?
It's getting better. DC has always been a very buttoned up town. There's a great music scene in DC right now, and music and fashion definitely go hand in hand. If you go out on U St or H St on the weekends, you can tell that there are more stylish people out and about.
interview: morgan. photos by liz gorman. pic1: liz's shirt is h&m, vest by theory, jeans are indigo six. pic2: vintage dress from nana. her shoes were thrift store finds!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, these interviews are OK, but what happened to all of the pages you used to put up of amazing street fashion pics? I see you have stuff from Styleistics and the gallery event, but I want more pics -- that's what I love the most about your blog! (Hate to say it, but people talking about the whys and wheres of their wardrobes can get kinda boring after awhile...unless they're really out there, which someone who loves the usual suspects -- Jane Birkin, Anna Karina -- just isn't.)
I usually love your stuff, so I hope it's okay to offer a bit of constructive criticism... keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing more amazing street fashion from you!

12:41 PM  
Blogger panda head said...

constructive criticism is always appreciated! and the format HAS been interview-heavy for about a month or so, but as i said in a prior post, i wasn't just taking pictures at styleistics - i was one of the designers and was definitely spending more time IN getting ready for the event than out and about with the camera.
since then the pictures have definitely started back up, but bear in mind: panda head is a one woman operation (with occassional contributions from friends) so there's always going to be some 'filler' during the week - hence interviews with people whose style i'm dying to know the why's and where's of (that kind of stuff NEVER gets boring for me). not sure what you meant by the people actually being 'out there,' but all my interview subjects (with the exception of touring bands) are absolutely in and of DC!
so - thanks for writing, and i'm glad you're reading! and to anybody else who's been missing pictures, haha well, they're obviously back in full effect, so keep checking in for more!

4:28 PM  

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