04 June 2007

panda head interviews...

jeanine o'toole (vocals and tombourine) is 1/7(!) of the 1900s, a chicago band that's getting lots of attention for their particular brand of 60s and 70s-inspired indie rock. they've earned not-inaccurate comparisons to both fleetwood mac and belle and sebastian, and their live show is rumored to be CAN'T MISS. you can pick up their EP 'plume delivery' tonight, backstage at the black cat, when they open for DC fave benjy ferree.

how would you describe your style?
Lately I copy Chrissy Snow and Nancy Bradford. Low-maintenance and sexy. I'd like to wear more all-in-one outfits. I have a couple mens' worksuits – gas station attendant/mechanic suits. I have tailored them to fit me and they look tough with boots. And I don't need to accessorize much, as they're hot on their own. I also like wearing anything that belonged to someone's grandmother.
do you pay attention to trends at all? how do you stay current?
I tend to dislike fashion that's trendy. Those looks often don't work on my body anyway. I try to like myself, and then let those feelings dress me. It's difficult at times. I don't like trends that involve a specific brand's name painted on them. I know that much. If I am going to advertise for them, they should send me a check first.
what are your wardrobe staples?
High-wasted bell bottoms, men's undershirts (%#$*-beaters), opaque tights, vintage scarves/handkerchiefs, sexy boots. I also really like this one plaid blazer I have.
how do you pack for tour?
I am shocked at what some artists bring on tour. How did they fit three pair of boots & a fur stole in their duffle bag?! I loathe them. This summer I'll pack many bloomers, some @#$*-beaters, jeans, and some blouses/scarves/belts to wear at shows. It's easier and less humiliating to be low maintenance on tour/vacation.
does what you wear on stage differ from what you wear off stage?
Not really. I wear what feels good that day. And our band has a look. I am compelled to look like I'm in this particular band, which sometimes means saying no to jumpsuits and ruffled hotpants on stage. Maybe with my next musical project…
what's your favorite item of clothing?
Bell bottom jeans. The tight ones with the high waist. They make me feel sexy and offensive.
who or what do you find inspiring, style-wise?
People who just look and dress like it's a good day for them. They put some effort in, or maybe they don't. There are two girls we're all friends with in Chicago, Cortney & Kelly. They show off their physical assets well, and use a lot of color and vintage items. They always look good. I also like the way men look in slacks and a tshirt. And grandmas. Grandmas usually look great. They care and don't give a shit at the same time.
what city do you find to be the most stylish?
I haven't travelled much, but it seems that in any city, many folks look like slaves to magazines and their local hipsters. I would like to visit more remote areas, where they dress for utility or perhaps just wear what's available. I bet those outfits are alright.
how would you define 'stylish?'
Unafraid of change. Comfortable with one's self.
do you have any favorite designers?
I find a lot of wonderful designers by reading Venus. They feature the best shit, I believe. Just looked at Laurel Wells' clothing, which I would like to wear. It's a little naughty, while still being pretty and old-fashioned. I should also like to wear some vintage Bob Mackie someday. That's what I'll do when I and lose 50 lbs and get invited to the Inaugural Ball.
do you make or customize any of your own clothing?
I buy a lot of vintage stuff that has to be taken in or up, or perhaps combined with another piece to make them something else. I used to work on clothes more often, but there isn't much time nowadays. I'm not very skilled, to be honest. I just enjoy sewing and want clothes to be more like me than the way I found them.

interview: morgan. photo 1 (jeanine: in purple) by cortney groves; photo 2 (jeanine: front row, left) by kirstie shanley. for more on the 1900s check them out on myspace or at the-1900s.com.


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