12 June 2007

panda head interviews...

annie, heather, and erika are au revoir simone - three girls with styles almost as charming as the music they make on their three casio keyboards. if you missed the brooklyn trio's last DC appearance, catch them tomorrow night when they open (with favourite sons) for also-charming voxtrot at black cat.

how would you describe your style?
Annie: Combination of sponsored and thrifted.
Heather: these days, harry potter chic
Erika: 70s bohemia
do you pay attention to trends? how do you stay current?
Annie: Nope. I shop usually for old clothes and just wear what I think is comfortable and looks good with my figure. I dress so blandly it never goes out of style!
Heather: i love fashion, so yes, i pay attention to trends. i stay current more by changing my silhouette and how i style myself than buying a whole new wardrobe or the latest thing.
Erika: ummmm, i dont really pay attention to trends, though of course i'm influenced by what is going on around me. i rarely shop but if something glorious finds me, i'll pick it up & i have a lot of stuff in my closet so it's a rotating cast which helps me stay interested in what i already have.
what do you spend money on, clothing-wise?
Annie: I have a thing for really fancy underclothes but underspend on necessities, like socks.
Heather: shoes. it's problematic.
Erika: dresses.
how do you pack for tour?
Annie: With a checklist I make up on my downtime. I am usually packing in a sleep-deprived zombie-state so it is really handy to have something that reminds you to bring your grapefruit seed extract and multivitamins and a swiss army knife.
Heather: my packing style is seriously neurotic. first, i create a list of outfits and make sure that every piece is interchangeable in order to maximize the potential of my selection. then i pack each item separately in a labeled ziplock bag with a febreze dryer sheet which helps neutralize the stench of stale beer and cigarettes that invariably seeps into all our clothes and becomes unbearable after several weeks of touring. people think i'm insane, but you know what? i smell delicious.
Erika: i pick out my favorite things and lay them out on my bed, take away anything that i would mind losing or ruining and then pull out a few more things before the final "packing" stage.
does what you wear on stage differ from what you wear off stage?
Annie: I usually wear t-shirts in the day because I tend to get smelly and want to keep my stage clothes as nice as they can be worn 5 times and smashed up in a little ball on the bottom of a lint-and-cracker-crumb-filled backpack.
Heather: no. that's too much work. when you spend as much time and effort as i do just packing the clothes, you can't be bothered to wear more than one outfit in the same day.
Erika: when we are touring, that would be too much effort and take too much space in a suitcase. i usually wear the same thing.
what's your absolute favorite item of clothing?
Annie: This linen dress I bought at j.crew for my brother's wedding. It looks so nice and classic and classy.
Heather: i have this little black romper by Samantha Pleet that is perfect for sandbox, seance, or stage, depending.
Erika: a hand me down from my childhood costume box that is this bizarre long sleeved 70s mini dress with a brown and cream psychedelic pattern all over it. i like things that no one else has...
who or what do you find inspiring, style-wise?
Annie: Thrift shops in small towns with lots of great finds.
Heather: i usually look to young designers and check out what they're doing; their enthusiasm about fashion can be very infectious...and i'm not terribly creative when it comes to fashion, but i know what i like when i see it. my friend sophie [Buhai], who is co-owner of the line Vena Cava is incredibly talented, quite the visionary.
Erika: i pay attention to fashion in old movies. i feel like people had more style in the past.
what city do you find to be the most stylish?
Annie: Stockholm by far. I thought it was new york but those swedes take looking good and interesting seriously. I love the fashion there.
Heather: the swedes do look pretty good, as do the brits, and the japanese, but i still think that new york is where it's at.
Erika: also, london always makes me feel poor and uncreative. everyone looks so 'smart'
how would YOU define 'stylish?'
Annie: Someone who is happy with how they look. Not just wearing something because someone told them to or just wearing something they've always worn but every time they look in a mirror they get mad for looking dumb.
Heather: 'stylish' is someone who is well-versed in the history of fashion, who knows when they tie a scarf that they're referencing a look that perhaps some starlet from the 50s wore, and then the outfit is put into a kind of context. but i like my art and music the same way, i like when every element is deliberate and acknowledges the past while reinterpreting it in the present. style isn't easy to achieve. it's like the difference of looking sexy versus looking beautiful, it's easy to look sexy, but beauty requires something different all together.
Erika: having fun and being creative, getting away with something...
do you have any fovrite designers?
Annie: Samantha Pleet and Laurel Wells. Both have great structure to their clothes and really know how to dress a woman. Plus both are very nice ladies.
Heather: i have a lot of favorite designers - i mentioned a few already. i tend to gravitate towards designers who have a very specific client in mind, or are inspired by very specific things. what i like about samantha pleet, for instance, is that her clothes look like they would only be appropriate for a gothic oliver twist-like character. i like outfits that are designated for certain things, like, sailing, or going to a ranch, or safari. i like putting on a safari outfit and then going to the grocery store in it. halloween is basically everyday for me.
Erika: lips jeans!! they are the best!
do you make or customize any of your own clothing?
Annie: No, but I have a small pile that I plan to adjust and never do. Does that count?
Heather: i'm always shortening things or changing buttons.
Erika: i have a sewing machine but i rarely make things from scratch, usually just adapt them to fit. i used to make outfits from fabric like pillow cases and drapes, but not so much any more. i always felt a bit silly in those things even though only i knew...

interview: morgan. photo 1 by flora hanitijo; photo 2 by martin hyers. to study up on the band read their april BYT interview here. visit au revoir simone on myspace or at their website, www.aurevoirsimone.com.


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