07 June 2007

panda head interviews...nicole atkins.

if you missed brooklyn-based singer-songwriter nicole atkins (recently named one of rolling stones' '10 artists to watch') during her red & the black residency in april, you're in luck: tonight she, with backing band the sea, brings her lush folk-pop act to rock and roll hotel. be sure to snag her EP, bleeding diamond; the full-length is set for release in july. with DC openers five four and headliners the long blondes.

how would you describe your style?
60s mod pirate jersey
do you pay attention to trends at all? how do you stay current?
not really. i've pretty much been wearing the same shit forever so i guess if it was never really in style it can never go out. so i guess that keeps me in. what am i talking about?
what are your wardrobe staples?
black vest, tons of necklaces, black jeans, big t-shirts, empire dresses, black victorian boots.
how do you pack for tour?
minimally. four show dresses and a bottle of febreze and tide wipes. one or two pairs of jeans, american apparel shirts and cotton dress. one pair of boots and 1000 year old new balances.
does what you wear onstage differ from what you wear offstage?
on stage i wear dresses. usually big black and dramatic mod dresses. they have lots of "character." off stage i dress like a boy.
what's your favorite item of clothing?
my black vest and my frye boots.
who or what do you find inspiring, style-wise?
marianne faithful, italian opera, dia de los muertos, the victorian era, david lynch movies, tim burton movies, anything old and slightly creepy. birds.
what city do you find to be the most stylish?
stockholm or nyc
how would you define 'stylish?'
people who are comfortable in who they are and in what they where no matter what it is.
any favorite designers?
i like Noa Noa from Copenhagen. they make these goth fairy princess clothes, not in a hot topic way, that are made of the most lush materials. i also like this designer from brooklyn called Eventide. they made the black poof sleeve dress i wear at most of my shows. i also really love Anna Sui. her stuff fits really flattering and is really rock n roll and inspired by most of the things i love. i wear all her stuff in my new video "the way it is"
do you make or customize any of your own clothing?
i cut up every t-shirt i buy or recieve because i don't like things tight around my neck. i also like to tie ribbons on my boots. makes me feel like i'm in jethro tull.

interview: morgan. photo 1 by jeremy balderson; photo 2 by crackerfarm. go love nicole atkins on myspace or at her website, nicoleatkins.com.


Blogger mysterygirl! said...

Great interview-- she was amazing at Rock and Roll Hotel on Thursday.

9:54 AM  

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