20 July 2007

2423 18th st: mercedes bien

i usually keep my comments on the comment page, BUT: this was a shopping event the girls of listopad put together (they're in the middle, sorry i blurred you i'm having flash problems); with write-ups everywhere from the sunday source to DC scout they clearly did the awesomest job ever marketing it, and it really was neat - people who aren't around on weekends got to see mercedes's (up top!) amazing vintage collection, and we all got an intro to kata and cath's stuff as well - which ran the gamut from sweet vintage dresses and tops to way cool checkerboard sunglasses and some dope silver LA gears, still in their original box. stay up-to-date on their future events at the listopad blog, and be sure to check out mercedes bien if you haven't already - she's got a great eye and every single piece is amazing. that is all. the rest of my commentary is back where it belongs!


Blogger panda head said...

1. mercedes! in a dress she threw together herself; the rings are shower curtain rings. so great.
2. this girl always looks so so great (see lindsay's pictures from the redeem opening); i think her secret is simple basics (her dress is like a blank slate) and understated add-ons - quietly amazing shoes and an unexpected maroon bag. so good!
3. kata and cath of listopad, you guys seriously i'm having indoor flash problems but their outfits were too great not to post; they're both in a higher waist and feature bright summer colors that aren't anywhere near nu-rave. the look so sharp.
4. cutest dress ever, and the neckline is really great too.
5. i wish my whole life came in this color combination. she threw the glasses on for the picture, also, i love the red lips!

9:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mercedes is utter fabulousness, the combination of chic and creativity... this woman is style.

However the rest... just because you found a nifty vintage piece in your size and toss it on does not make you stylish. I don't get this look... style is about defining yourself, your look. It's not being one whole cookie cutter look, be it J. Crew or vintage. Too obvious. Style isn't so obvious, but it envelops.


7:09 AM  

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