10 July 2007

panda head features...

name: Kelley McNutt
age: 15
occupation: High school student/Hyperactive art enthusiast

describe your style.
Spasmodic. I'm constantly changing and discovering new things, and my style definitely reflects that. I always fall back on cute (sometimes weird) prints, and girly dresses and blouses.
do you pay attention to trends? how do you stay current?
Of course. Trends are everywhere: in art, music, film - I love seeing what becomes popular, it's really interesting. I don't follow every trend I pick up on though, that would be confusing. The trends I take note of are usually started by other teenagers around me; it's exciting to see something new evolve from a group of kids.
what are your wardrobe staples?
Vintage patterned sweaters and my army green military jacket in the fall and winter, lots of dresses and an old pair of white sneakers for the summer, and a healthy collection of masks year round.
do you keep an organized closet?
I have a terrible memory, so if everything isn't right in front of my face I will forget I own it. So yes, my closet is pretty organized - [but] my mother disagrees.
where do you like to shop? any frequent eBay searches?
Locally my favorite stores are The Remix in Del Ray [now of Capitol Hill] for vintage dresses, and Prevention of [Blindness] for bags, scarves, children's sunglasses, and other odds + ends. I get a lot of basics from American Apparel and Urban Outfitters. I just have to be careful with those stores, because their clothes have such a specific style; it gets boring when you can tell someone is wearing a head-to-toe look from any one store. I do a ton of online shopping as well. It's a win win situation for me, I can avoid doing work while hunting down things I can't find in stores around here! My favorite online stores are Topshop, Fred Flare, and Art in the Age. eBay stresses me out, so I avoid it.
who or what inspires you, fashionwise?
Musicians like Devendra Banhart, Francoise Hardy, Jona Bechtolt, and bands like Parenthetical Girls and Au Revoir Simone have fantastic style. In terms of art, The Royal Art Lodge and Paper Rad along with Loretta Lux's and Ryan McGinley's photography are inspiring. Sweden is kicking major fashion ass right now, and The Moz is my ultimate style icon. Nylon and N.E.E.T magazine both do a really good job of mixing popular trends with things about independent artists and designers.
any favorite designers?
Like [every] other teenage girl, I too am a Marc Jacobs fiend, but I'm also a huge fan of Peter Jensen and Karen Walker. They always feature really cute prints.
what's your current favorite item of clothing?
Lately I've been wearing a black knit pencil skirt almost everyday. My favorite item of all time would have to be these Chinese kickboxing booties I got in Chinatown last winter, though. I have to wear them sparingly because they're practically made out of paper and are falling apart.
how do you define 'stylish?'
A stylish person is someone who can take a classic style or a new trend and put their own mark on it.
what's your take on DC style, in general?
DC doesn't really have a "style," which I think is both a really good thing, and a disappointing one. It's good because it means there's a mix of trends and looks in the city, but it would also be fun to be in a city known for a particular style.

interview: morgan. pictures by kat mcnutt. get more of kelley at blogtastic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those red shoes ROCK. (And I'm a guy - go figure...)

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You rock girl !!!!

You're it for D.C.

Keep it going to wake up this town!

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Kat said...

Baby sister, I couldn't be more proud of you! Much love and keep rockin' what you do. Xoxo, Kat <3

6:54 PM  

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