30 July 2007

panda head features...

name: BabsieD
age: Vintage
occupation: Publicist
[she's not kidding; seriously check out this PARTIAL list and thank her next time you hit up the district sample sale or some posh boutique opening: Marimekko Boutique Launch (Launch event/public relations for 4,000 sq ft Finnish clothing and lifestyle boutique) May 2007, District Sample Sale (Event development, implementation and public relations for twice-yearly charity shopping event featuring 20 high-end Washington-area boutiques)February 2007/September 2006, Haute for the Holidays at Alex Boutique (Event development, implementation and public relations for VIP vintage couture and current ready-to-wear shopping event) December 2006, Manfacto Launch (Launch event and brand development for luxury custom atelier at Café Milano) December 2006, Artefacto Launch (Launch of high-end 16,000 sq ft Brazilian furniture store in Georgetown) October 2005; Upcoming: Maria Felix Estate Sale Launch at Christie’s New York (Logistics and press for celebration of the renowned Mexican movie star and art collector, hosted by Salma Hayek, Eugenio Lopez, Olarte de Kanavos and Angel Sanchez) July 2007, District Sample Sale (See description above) fall 2007/date TBA, R. Nichols Shop Launch (Storefront launch for fashion’s most beloved stationer, R. Nichols, in Orlando, FL) fall 2007/date TBA. AMAZING.]

describe your style.
Tailored bohemian — it’s the constant battle between the two sides of my existence, as a publicist in the luxury lifestyle market and former thrift store-digging pauper hippie. I really run the gamut depending on my mood — my Birks and Blahniks get equal playing time, and I have a collection of vintage pieces, including an amazing trove from my husband’s grandmother (Shout out to Doot!), that I love.
do you pay attention to trends? how do you stay current?
Reading WWD for my job every day certainly helps, and I have some fashionable friends that keep me in the loop (specifically Liberty from Alex and my BFF Erin, who has amazing London style). And if I’m doing an event for a store, that’s my excuse to indulge in a few of their current pieces as well!
what are your wardrobe staples?
I tend to wear things to death — right now it’s a pair of Chinese silk pants from Ralph Lauren and a grey Manoush dress that’s become a fashion crutch. It’s at the tailor now and I feel like a piece of me is missing. And I have a Monet multi-layered gold chain necklace from the 50s — it belonged to Erin’s grandmother and I wear it at every opportunity.
do you keep an organized closet?
Not. At. All. We’re actually in the process of building one out as our current closet space is horrible. My clothes are everywhere. My room looks like H&M at 5 on a Saturday all the time.
where do you like to shop?
Locally: Alex Boutique is my hands-down favorite, and Periwinkle has things you don’t see everywhere else. Marimekko is such fun — and their fall pieces are great — great designs, well cut. And I can’t wait for Nanette Lepore to come to town.
In New York, I always hit my little SoHo loop: Kirna Zabete, What Comes Around Goes Around, Barbara Bui and Scoop.
Online, I live for Yoox.
who or what inspires you, stylewise?
My sister — she’s always had an amazing eye. She’s a little taller than I am but our legs are the same length, so her hand-me-downs are always perfect. A complete reversal of philosophy from when I was five.
any favorite designers?
Balenciaga (Nicolas Ghesquiere) is pure genius as are Alber Elbaz and Doo.Ri. Locally, Iky T-shirts are fantastic, and every time I see a piece from Purveyor it just floors me.
what's your current favorite item of clothing?
I have a couple of things that are very “me”: a pair of Chanel sandals (they’re kind of a cross between Tevas and Birks) that I got at Bergdorf’s about 10 years ago that I keep resoling, and a pop art daisy tote from Celine that I bought when I got a little bonus at my first real job years ago — it’s classic and trendy and totally 60s all at the same time.
how do you define 'stylish?'
Confidence. Those with it can pull off just about anything.
what's your take on DC style, in general?
I think all you hipsters finally tipped it over the edge toward fabulous. Overall, I think this coming year will be a tell-tale on the fashion horizon — a lot of amazing independent boutiques opened up, the big guys took notice and started opening up their own — hopefully the fashion community will be able to support them all. It’s great having so many voices out there (to say nothing of the great fashion media that’s developed as well!).

interview: morgan. photo of babsieD, that celine bag, and her viktor & rolfs courtesy of babsieD! to keep up with her events, etc. check her blog here.


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