03 July 2007

panda head interviews...

if you've never seen DC's carol bui get all excellent onstage then this month you've got two chances and no excuse. catch her tonight when she plays the red & the black with alina simone and malonius, or if you consider yourself more the outdoors-y type then see her at fort reno on the 19th with the alphabetical order and beauty pill. either way, you're in for a great show!

describe your style.
I'm not so sure if I even know what my style is - maybe 'scrappy (sometimes retro) chic?' ha!! whatever it is, one thing I'm always conscious of when dressing myself is what the outfit does for my figure. I've been really into the whole cinched-waist thing lately because of the definition it gives to my curves.
how do you stay current - do you pay attention to trends?
One of my best friends, Mary, always seems to be ahead of the fashion game so I usually look to her as an example.
what are your wardrobe staples?
At the moment, my dark cropped jeans. Most comfortable piece of clothing ever.
does what you wear onstage differ from what you wear offstage?
No, I dress just as poorly on stage as I do when I go out. heh. I mean, I guess I wear mostly dresses at my shows, but I wear those same dresses when just hanging with some friends or something.
what's your favorite item of clothing right now?
My favorite item of clothing right now is this black dress I got from Forever 21. It has an empire waist, a vertical line of small buttons straight down the middle, a scooped neckline, and 3/4 puffy sleeves. I usually wear it belted, but I love that I don't feel like a cow when I wear it plain.
who or what do you find inspiring, style-wise?
As a teenager, I thought Courtney Love and Kat Bjelland were IT. I loved the whole fucked up, baby-doll dress look. It fit their music so well and I love when people dress according to their personality. More recently, I've been really into that HBO series 'Rome' and the women's costumes are amazing. I love the colorful draping fabrics! I guess my main icons are the two bitchiest bitches on the show - Caesar's niece Atia and Gaia, the brothel madam lady. People should watch the show just for the costumes.
what city do you find to be the most stylish?
I'd say the Japanese or Italians are more ahead of the game than everyone else.
how would you define 'stylish?'
I think if a person has a unique and distinct 'look' to them that is distinguishable from the masses, I'd say that's stylish. If a person has their own aesthetic that can be used to identify them by others, then that's stylish (i.e. a "morgan look").
do you make or customize any of your own clothing?
I sometimes rip my t shirts, but a lot of women do that now. There's this red, over-sized Medications t-shirt that I tore up and love. I had a dark grey Fort Reno shirt from like, 2001 or something, that had stains on the sleeves, so I cut it into a miniskirt. Because it's so short though, I stopped wearing it. It makes me look kind of skanky. Maybe I should try layering it over jeans or something.
what's your take on DC fashion and style, in general?
a mix of new and old...angular cuts with lots of bold colors and prints - sassy and confrontational!

interview: morgan. photo by shervin lainez of shervinfoto. hit carol bui up on myspace for e-friendship opportunites, or just check out her website at carolbui.com.


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