20 August 2007

panda head features...

name: johnny
age: 20

how would you describe your style?
a hybrid of hip-hop, old school-punk and carpet-bagger styles though i'm sure i haven't found my signature style yet...i feel like that doesn't come til later in life.
do you pay attention to trends? how do you stay current?
i of course pay attention to trends though i hate to say it...i mean i read tons of magazines, a million fashion blogs a month and i would never ever go anywhere without my skinny jeans. haha i can't even fathom wearing bootcut jeans again so yes i'm a sucker for trends...you got me!! i stay current by taking cues from nylon, w, metropop, pop, paper and useless magazines just to name a few...i also frequent marykate and ashley fan sites they always look incredible and i love looking to them and the misshapes website for inspiration.
what are your wardrobe staples?
most definitely my american apparel 50/25/25 tri-blend short sleeve deep v-neck, i wear it when all else fails. i feel like everyone should have in their wardrobe a great pair of high top sneakers, a pair of pointy-toed boots, a nice pair of skinny jeans that fit you like a glove and somthing metallic, whether it be a bag, necklace, shoes or top. with that you can get through anything. i can walk into my closet, pull out anything, and be sure that it looks great
do you keep an organized closet?
hmm it's somewhat organized. i keep all the things i wear most frequently or am currently in love with in the center so i always see them first thing...but i have a rather small closet so i run into the problem of "where does all this shit go?" i have an armoire crammed full and a hamper not for dirty clothes but for clothes that i can't fit anywhere else...it's really sad! someone come remodel my closet!!
where do you like to shop - locally and otherwise?
i love of course american apparel for my basics like t-shirts, undies and hoodies...if there's a trend i want to try and don't have the balls to fork out 300 bucks then i go to h&m. the best place for sneakers that you won't see anyone in is kickballers in georgetown...it's so cute, well-designed and the staff is soo nice. my all time favorite shop though is seven new york, everytime i step through the door i fall in love with every single item of clothing. it's so smart and i feel like anything i buy is well worth the price.
who or what are your style inspirations?
i get inspired by the people i surround myself with. i feel like they keep me fresh and i hope they don't take it as me copying them but i love to take cues from people i meet out and about in my daily life. i also love anything the olsen twins wear or anything hedi slimane sends down a runway. i'm constantly trying to recreate their looks.
any favorite designers?
oh my god here's the list in no particular order: brian lichtenburg, dior homme, april 77, marc jacobs, viktor & rolf, raf simons, bless, alexander mcqueen, chanel, and jeremy scott - just to name a few. but i want to make it clear i'm in no way a label whore... i kinda hate that.
what's your current favorite item of clothing?
at the moment it's my marc jacobs for pan-am bag, or as most of my friends know it, "my boyfriend marc." he's oversized and amazing. i'm also in love with my april 77 "marky overdrive" skinny jeans.
how do you define 'stylish?'
it's a lot about attitude. i mean if you can wear anything and be as comfortable in it as you would be in a pair of sweats, sitting at home, then you most likely have style. but in the same instance don't leave the house in a t-shirt that has american eagle written all over it and try to pass it off as being stylish...it's just not...no questions asked
what's your take on DC style, in general?
i think we are really making a name for ourselves when it comes to fashion. i know we all have it in ourselves to be just as stylish as new york or l.a. but our recources are very limited. i think most of us rely on ebay, online boutiques and h&m to get our fashion fixes but it would be nice to have a shop that catered to smaller name designers that we can only find in the bigger cities. i especially find it as a male a million times harder... i mean it's really getting old, shopping in the junior department at bloomingdales and nordstrom.

interview and photo (of johnny with his amazing devi kroell-for-target bag): morgan.


Anonymous clsmooth said...

not to knock the hustle, but I dont understand when men rock straight up women's gear, especially when every item is that way. The deep V and skinny jeans go both ways and are fine, but the high waist, bag, and boots are a little overboard. Most of his items are "trendy" already but I dont know I just think its odd on a guy...

7:33 PM  
Blogger Candid Cool said...

I don’t know him of course, but I like him! I really like how he rocks the devi tarjay bag in the picture. And his definition of Stylish is spot on.

And I know what he means about AE, AF, AX, etc... tees & relying on Ebay & online shops.

ps I had no idea Seven had a full range of clothing & accessories!!

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wait I think he meant Seven New York

12:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hate the bag why do guys need purses now? what could he possibly be carrying around in there. espcially when he takes it places like clubs.
good interview though

10:17 AM  

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