13 August 2007

panda head interviews...

shervin lainez takes photos of people, places, and things in DC and makes each and every one of them look, well, amazing. you've more than likely seen the shervinfoto credit attached to the bio picture of your favorite local band or artist, and with the release of happy accidents (a photo collection of 25 DC musicians and bands he shot over a 2 year span), a whole new audience will get to experience his innate ability to capture both personality and persona. the book release party is wednesday night at DC9; stop by for a beer and to shake the man's hand.

how is your personal aesthetic reflected in your photography?
I like simple colors and textures; I think that’s pretty apparent in my work. It seems to be the most direct way to communicate an idea.
Other than that, I try and keep my personal aesthetic out of my pictures, mainly because my personal aesthetic is boring!
do you pay attention to trends? how do you stay current?
To be honest, I know embarrassingly little about current trends. It's so hard to keep up these days. That’s why I read PANDAHEAD.
who or what inspires you, fashion-wise?
I am just recently learning about fashion.
There are some amazing photographers who effortlessly capture clothes. Most of what inspires me fashion-wise is music and music iconography. Bjork was a big deal to me when I was younger. Her videos, photos and concerts taught me about color and style.
what kind of role does clothing play in your photography - is wardrobe a big consideration when you're putting together a shoot?
It is really important, because clothes can set a mood or convey a message that sometimes I, as a photographer, can't. In most cases I rely on the person to dress as they want to be presented. I have worked with a stylist a couple of times, and it is a HUGE luxury. You explain the concept to them and they can find the right fabric to match it.
do you enjoy fashion photography? how does the process differ from shooting a band or artist?
Fashion photography is a really interesting challenge, and i really go about it in a completely different way than music. For music photography there is much more emphasis on the individual personality of the musician. Fashion photography requires more attention to detail in terms of color, textures etc...taking pictures of fashionable musicians is fun!
and haha, now to make you name names - what DC bands or artists do you find especially stylish?
In no particular order: Carol Bui, Georgie James, Pash, Greenland, Soft Complex and of course, Laura Burhenn.
what's your take on DC style, in general?
It's fun, it's colorful. Especially the girls, I have seen some amazingly dressed females in DC. I think it's time the dudes started taking more chances.

interview: morgan. photo by, you got it, shervin lainez. for more of his work visit shervinfoto.com or the shervinfoto myspace and BUY HIS BOOK!
aww and for even MORE shervin love hit up brightest young things!


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