15 August 2007

panda head interviews...

edie sedgwick is 'our throwaway culture’s favorite poor-little-rich girl;' edie sedgwick was 'reincarnated by mysterious means as a transgendered being in 2004' (thanks to justin moyer); and perhaps most importantly, edie sedgwick gives GREAT show and DC loveloveloves her/him for it. catch edie, sentai and eyeball skeleton tonight when they close fort reno in the last show of the summer.

how would you describe your style?
Post-drag queen, pre-grunge, 60s-meets-80s-meets-00s, heavy-eyeliner, catch-as-catch-can, dress-low-budget-and-look-low-budget, yes-that-is-a-beauty-mark, what-would-I-do-without-black-tights, blonde-on-blonde, sparkly-silver-dress-wearing media whore.
how do you stay current - do you pay attention to trends?
I do admit that I track hair trends---but not in magazines or on runways, but how different hair styles resonate with me internally. When I first began performing, I thought, "Well, Edie, blonde hair doesn't suit you, so you simply must work it as a brunette!" I was so committed to being a brunette that I sported this dowdy brownish look in early publicity photos and on the cover of my first album, "Her Love is Real...But She is Not." Little did I understand the freedom...the glory...the sheer power of blonde! Once I overcame my initial anti-blonde prejudices, I found that my blondeness is, in many ways, my destiny. I can only imagine that Malcolm X faced the same decision when embracing white Muslims after his break with the Nation of Islam.
what are your wardrobe staples?
I simply cannot leave the house without my sparkly silver mini, my black tights, my silver hoop earrings, and my sparkling silver clutch purse. If I am headed to a formal affair or state dinner, I will often bring a string of Mama's pearls. Oh, and I simply never wear shoes, even in the coldest wint'ry weather. Shoes, which constrict lower-ankle energy flow, are simply a no-no!
does what you wear onstage differ from your offstage choices?
Offstage, I would never go clubbing or French kiss a lover with a handlebar mustache or other ironic facial hair. However, I must admit that I like the effect such ironic facial hair has on my audiences. A soul patch or muttonchops can inspire the most mediocre crowds. The women in the audience soon find themselves lusting after my lush, bountiful beard, and the men...well, let's just say that (tee hee) some of them are interested as well!
what's your favorite item of clothing?
Clothing is very situation-dependent. For example, when vacuuming, I prefer no clothes at all, a la Melanie Griffith in "Working Girl." When playing basketball, I often go to the court wearing tights and nothing more than tights. I find that tights provide much-needed lower body support and give me the little push I need when I approach the hoop for a slam dunk. However, when scoring amphetamines, I prefer to wear my sparkly silver dress, but sans tights. Often, street dealers will have pity (and offer a lower price to) a struggling young thing with skinny legs. Little do they know that I take their stash back to my $1,000,000 loft, snort a few lines, and light cigars with $100 bills!
who or what do you find inspiring, style-wise?
I always felt that Norman Bates' mother was well-dressed in "Psycho." On the surface, she is the perfect portrait of a good mother, sitting so quietly in a flower print dress there in the hallway. But then, close up, she has cultivated a skeletal look that provides a striking contrast to the mother archetype. Quite revolutionary, if you ask me. Also, I simply must say that Steve Guttenberg's tropical ouevre in Cocoon, and especially Cocoon 2, is awe-inspiring.
how would you define 'stylish?'
One of my recent compositions is called "Sissy Spacek." The song details the empowering elements of telekinesis as viewed through the main character of the Stephen-King-novel-turned-celebrated-film. The chorus of this song is anthemic, yet quite simple: "Gonna sing about what I'm about/Gonna be about what I'm about." I feel that one must approach fashion the same way. "What am I about?" one must ask oneself. Based on one's answer to this question, one must dress oneself appropriately. For example, when I ask myself, "Edie, what are you about?" I think of a sparkling silver dress and hoop earrings and a beautiful blonde wig and control-top tights. So that is what I wear! In another words: "Gonna dress about what I'm about/Gonna be about what I'm about."
any favorite designers?
I was sorry to hear that Bill Blass passed away some years ago. I thought the matronly-look he had cultivated so passionately for so long well-served many enterprising young women and men, especially those from the suburbs and inner cities of America and elsewhere
do you make or customize any of your own clothes?
No, dahling. That is what I pay my harem of little lads to do.

interview: morgan. uncredited photo and intro quotes from edie sedgwick on myspace - visit there, at ediesedgwick.biz, or at the desoto records site.


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