04 September 2007

a terribly informative post.

EVERYONE PLEEEEASE GO VOTE for PH and DC in day 2 of this week's street clash! thanks so much to all of you for voting yesterday - we totally beat out our Very Worthy Competitor, the city of toronto! the winner of 3 out of 5 days goes on to the next round, so GET OVER THERE AND VOTE!
and a big thank you to sara levine at the washingtonian; she was so rad to interview me about 'fall fashion bargains' for the september issue of the magazine! if you'd like to you can read it while in line at the grocery store, but if you'd rather save those precious moments to catch up on your In Touch and US Weekly (which i completely understand), you can also check it out HERE.
and ONE MORE thank you to stephanie over at the amazing N.E.E.T. magazine; she included my saddle shoe DIY (which you can see in its original incarnation over at brightest young things) in the current issue! if you haven't read N.E.E.T. before then you're sorely missing out, so check out the latest and past issues of the mag online when you get a chance.
AND SPEAKING OF BYT, the call for entries for this year's FALL STYLEISTICS has gone out! the date of the event is set for october 20th and you've got until september 10th to get your samples/ideas/what have you to svetlana@brightestyoungthings.com. please click HERE for all the dirty details.
thanks guys!
love love


Blogger Stylefinder (Editor) said...

I'm definitely ging to try my best to make it to the indie designer event! I've been in the DC area for a few days now and haven't been very successful at finding independent fashion voices (or stylish people in general) during my wanderings around the city (suburbs and downtown). I am going to spend some time reading through your site and links tomorrow (finally get a day off) and make myself a shopping list. :) Shallom

2:23 AM  

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