21 October 2007

rock and roll hotel: STYLEistics

thanks to all of you who came out for saturday night's STYLEistics at the rock and roll hotel! i had an amazing, excellent time and i hope everyone else did too. this is just the first set of pictures - check back throughout the week for the rest!


Blogger panda head said...

DISCLAIMER: my VERY non professional flash is VERY testy at the rock and roll hotel, so please excuse the fact that some pictures had to be edited and others didn't...awww, i knew you wouldn't mind!
1. i'm so into the color-drenching with the matching tights and shoes, and this was just such a great way to style the dress.
2. cute and interesting and wayyyy comfortable-looking.
3. these two always look so great together (see lindsay's picture's from the redeem opening for further evidence). her dress is so pretty and simple and FUNCTIONAL - she rode her bike to the event!
4. meg of enderby in some enviable kicks.
5. amy (right) and her sis, both in treat. the stand-up collar amy's sporting was the hit of the night. girls were going crazy for it.
6. davinia (in and) of plastic heaven!
7. and svetlana, who can not only put together one ridiculously amazing event but can wear the shit out of electric blue tights. such a great pop.

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