22 November 2007


aww happy thanksgiving guys! just a few things to check out, should you make it to the computer today:

bonnie-love, designer of b-loved corset belts (i actually photographed her in one of her designs at a DC fashionistas event this past december) recently launched love rocks boutique! featuring designers like anzevino & florence and patricia field alongside DC lines like b-kao and rebound, love rocks is totally worth a look. and if you're doing your BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING online tomorrow, love rocks is offering panda head readers 30% their BLACK FRIDAY purchases. the discount code is "PandaHeadBF," so use it and use it wisely. my pick? this big, stylized cameo bracelet from eda and betty.

AND SECONDLY, if you have some time to kill before YOU EAT today, have a look at emore'j couture and pretty n' punk, two designers i got to check out at the GU fashion show in the previous post (and they're both pictured! that's the emore'j designer in the second pic, and two of the three pretty n'punk girls in the very last one). sorry it took a while to post that VALUABLE INFORMATION, but i've been planning thanksgiving dinner for 8. speaking of which, i have a turkey to deal with.


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