31 August 2008

black balloon.

i packed EXTREMELY lightly to go out of town this weekend (in anticipation of wild thrifting success, of course), and, shockingly, made only one purchase during my typical thrift-store-trek across the delaware beaches. while i'm stoked on my new, sort-of-ridiculous black velvet leggings, i did only spend 50 cents, and i decided it was probably the perfect time to suck it up and finally order some fryes. after some debate, i settled on the motorcycle-y engineer boots - i was in dire need of something with a bit of metal. to that effect, i'm hereby declaring allison mosshart my casual style star for the upcoming season; i'm all about finding/wearing/never taking off the most outrageously awesome ankle boots possible. i'm looking forward to reinstating a flat, foldover pair i spray-painted silver a few summers ago, likely with those aforementioned leggings, a busted old tee, and a blazer...


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