08 August 2008

cover me.

i grew up with a mother absolutely obsessed with bruce springsteen; as i got older i realized that the copies of backstreets, stone pony tees, and ticket stubs that filled our basement had worked their way into my subconscious. the result is a love for the early-era springsteen aesthetic: think anti-ralph lauren americana in the form of beat-up denim, working-class leather, and seriously distressed basics. fashion is back in step with the boss for fall 08, and i couldn't be more ready.

oh, ps - we are yet again entering a New Blog Phase - be on the look out for more writing and inspiration posts here at panda head (alongside the links to writing i do for other sites, of course). and in other very exciting news, you can expect issue 2 of panda head mag at the end of september. hurrah!


Blogger this chickadee said...

springsteen/pandahead 2008!

11:15 PM  

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