12 August 2008


left photo from face hunter; right photo from style.com
i was at work for all of 30 minutes today before dropping a Very Heavy piece of plywood on my foot and breaking and/or terribly bruising the bone in my big toe. sooo awful. considering that the immediate future calls for sensible shoe choices, i'm welcoming the excuse to give in and make a uniform out of a pair of flat, short boots. i'd saved the pics above as inspiration photos (i especially love io echo's pair at right), and am currently taking a break from the rest-ice-compression-elevation routine to scout out pairs online. i'm way into UO's candela tassel booties; the fringe aspect is trendy right now but i think they've got enough of a victorian orphan vibe to be considered classics. i still might check out eBay for a comparable vintage pair, because at $200 the candelas are a bit of an investment - but they're seasonless, they go equally well with dresses and denim, and i'm feeling sorry for myself right now. it's like a "can't-not-buy" trifecta.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love io echo's boots and hi, thank you for introducing me to her! followed the link you put for her she is fabulous!! great find pandahead!

10:01 PM  

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