17 September 2008

3, 2, 1, blast off.

photo by lexie moreland for BYT; that's shana of DC concierge at right.
monday night i went to the FW: fashion washington launch party. hosted by katharine weymouth and the washington post, it was basically everything you'd imagine from a party held at ben bradlee and sally quinn's mansion: it was swank as all get-out and i had a blast. FW went out with today's paper (and can be picked up at select hotels/salons/boutiques/THE LIKE); monthly issues will follow starting in november.
it's an exciting thing for DC, for sure - weymouth made a nice little speech at the party, mentioning that it took the post 40 years to get it together on the fashion end - and i'm excited to see where editor jennifer barger takes the project. the city is certainly primed for FW to take off running in any direction it chooses; over the last few years "old washington" has been more receptive to and interested in what's going on outside of its immediate circle (thanks, in no small part, to people like molly gannon [at the post], suzanne d'amato [formerly of the sunday source] and the patton group [OF EVERYTHING]). essentially, the downtown is mixing with uptown in a very non-DC kind of way, and it's a really interesting time to be here.
but oh yes - BACK TO THE PARTY. it was swell, it was (quite literally) hot as hell, there were one million cameras, and lexie moreland's full photo set (including more pictures of me, making both more and less attractive faces than the one above) can be seen over at brightest young things...


Anonymous Shana said...

1) All of your faces are adorable.
2) Love the downtown/uptown mixing thing you said.
3) I have just appointed myself campaign manager of 'Morgan for official stylist of DC'.


4:08 PM  

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