24 September 2008

camp zoe.

it's been trashed from the new york times on down, but i for one CANNOT stop thinking about the rachel zoe project - three weeks in a row i've actually made the effort to watch it in its time slot (as opposed to catching up, marathon-style, on weekends). yes, her speech and movement patterns tend towards the ADD, which can make it extremely frustrating to watch, but the woman's borrowing power is hypnotic; the designer guest spots are interesting when jacobs, karan, et al are talking about themselves in a non-zoe specific manner; and i do respect the career she's built around what she loves to do. it's so DC-aspirational. the creative economy in this city (as i know it, at least, and especially concerning fashion) runs mainly on the barter system. don't get me wrong - at this point i'm mostly content to not have it any other way - but we have a ways to go.
her day rate aside, my favorite part of the rachel zoe project has little to do with its content. for unkown reasons the closed captioning is stuck on the televison in my bedroom, and at least once per episode there's some glaringly phonetic, fashion-related misspelling. in episode 1 "lanvin" turned into "longvan," episode 2 saw "alaia" as "allaya," and my favorite so far was last night's translation of "skinny jeans" as "gay jeans." i fear/hope/pray for a demeulemeester reference...


Blogger -h of candid cool said...

i like the show a lot actually. and i was not a zoe fan prior to it.

6:20 AM  
Anonymous kat said...

oh my god i totally love this show as well. the clothes make me swoon

9:03 AM  

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