16 September 2008

NY fashion week at BYT...

...Again, some key trends from the last two seasons are still lingering (mainly all things sheer and black and leather), but they’re not unwelcome - Spring 09 saw more of a reinterpretation than Spring 08-to-Fall 08, which to me seemed like a cooler-weather translation of the exact same pieces. There are, of course, innovators, and one of my favorite NY shows was Marc Jacobs. It was totally unexpected and dark and strange but most importantly FRESH; as beautiful as some of the other shows were, they were also incredibly easy to categorize. Jacobs touched on trends but mostly seemed to go a bit insane - and it paid off. I was also way into Vena Cava’s slick Egyptian-inspired pieces, Phillip Lim’s and Peter Som’s rose-colored downtown femininity, Proenza Schouler’s bad-ass 90s power-bitch pieces, Jonathan Saunders’s circus act, and the minimal androgyny of Alexander Wang (duh)...
click for the rest of my take on NY fashion week: spring 09 at BYT!


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