23 September 2008

up the bracket.

the giant popcorn ball in the sky.
tonight i went to the opening of the brand-new nanette lepore boutique in chevy chase. as you MAY be able to tell from the photo of the gigantor chandelier above, the space was pretty fantastic - as was the party itself. and the clothes, especially some of the vintage-inspired coats and beaded-to-the-hilt sweaterdresses, were just wow (check out the fall 08 show HERE).
now. i mentioned a few posts previous how interesting it was to attend events in DC with attendees whose neighborhoods clearly ranged from foxhall to columbia heights. whenever i get dressed i go for as exact a representation as possible of however i'm feeling at the moment - this process (however grueling) inevitably leads to The Perfect Outfit. this evening was no exception, and i think i was pretty accurate in channelling a freshly-showered pete doherty - a bowler hat, vintage tee, skinny white denim, a natty blue & white blazer and some sharp little patent oxfords - but apparently tuesday evenings in chevy chase call for a bit more SWANK. i'm not even lying - there were sequins, patent leather, and Jewelry to rival an awards show - and i was thisclose to wearing my converse. everyone looked stunning, for sure, and out of my element i was not, but now i know. chevy chase parties call for busting out the good stuff: erin fetherston-for-target, you may finally see the light of day...
me+metro photo by my date, this chickadee. more on her at the end of the week.


Blogger ms. spinach said...

sorry i missed you! i popped by right in the beginning, and i was wearing dark denim jeans (with heels and a blouse) and felt completely underdressed. not a pant in sight! i hightailed it off to wing night...

11:24 AM  

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