04 October 2008

AND i get to sleep in tomorrow.

the city rejoiced when a target finally opened up in DC proper, but i've yet to set foot inside - the virginia targets are TOO GOOD, and, on a hunch, i stopped in my favorite one today while out in the suburbs running errands. some of the jonathan saunders GO.international line had made its way to the racks a whole day early, and i clearly wasn't the only one who had stopped in - two of the dresses (the marbled-front one at right and a different version of that rad, color-blocked, minidress on the left) were already sold down to just the XLs. 
i'm no longer disappointed when, inevitably, i don't love the GO.international pieces in real-life the way i do when i first see them in the press previews, but what i saw of the saunders line was pretty alright. i wasn't so much into the materials but it's been that way since the luella line - the chiffon always looks like shit, no matter what - but i was MORE than pleasantly surprised at the ponte pants (above center). the fit was swell, which hasn't always been the case with these collections (it wasn't until the erin fetherston denim that the fit of anything with legs was a success). i bought the black pair and may end up getting the blue; either way, i'm soo trekking back out there sometime next week for that leather-trimmed blazer - tomorrow, though, i can skip the 8am, get-up-for-GO.international alarm clock. thanks, VA...


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