30 September 2008

black & tan.

i was pleased as punch to fill in some of the more unnecessary gaps in my wardrobe (and some of the less-noticeable gaps, too) with a highly efficient trip to the thrift store saturday morning.
clockwise from upper left: $6 zip-up lace shirt - i cut off the sleeves and the weirdo oxford collar when i got home; this $10 fringed wiggle dress is the new crown jewel of my fall/winter wardrobe; i've been in need of a leather skirt for a good long while ($20 - steep!); this skirt is suede and $14 and i've worn it three different ways already. worth every penny. and the oh-so-carly simon hat in the middle? a last minute, $1.50 find. success x infinity.


Blogger dekaN dc said...

What thrift store are you hitting up? Cause I am obviously at the wrong ones!

8:39 AM  

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