23 October 2008

a little at a time.

earlier this week i did the impossible: i left the house on a monday night. i was teetering on the very edge of my current Coughing Illness of Doom, but i bundled up and DEALT WITH IT to go see benjy ferree and the griefs at black cat backstage. the griefs were awesome, all 60s and garage-y, and benjy + band were just amazing. and wonderful. and fantastic. i had a monster headache so i bought earplugs (i'm old, yo), but by the third song i had taken them out - i just wanted to hear EVERYTHING as much as i possibly could. even though it was exactly the kind of monday night where you're hard-pressed to think of anything nicer than pillows and blankets and books, the show was just about as dreamy. their new songs (especially fear) brought the house down, and though i feel lucky to have heard a lot of the new album over sunday night dinners at st. ex, i really could not be any more excited for come back to the five and dime, bobby dee, bobby dee, out february 3 on domino. and you should be excited, too.


Blogger Tyler said...

that song is amazing. i don't want to wait until february to hear more!

11:48 PM  

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