13 October 2008

oh, tenenbaum.

i just want to look like the illegitimate child of  bob dylan  and this chandelier.
in the august issue of american vogue, elaine irwin-mellencamp was interviewed about the evolution of her personal style. for the last two months i have NOT been able to stop thinking about this:
when i was younger, i thought grungy plaid shirts accented with lots of jewelry were cute. my husband used to say i looked like a christmas tree.
at 38, she states, she now has "the maturity" to have gotten over this crazy scheme, but can i just say that i find the idea of looking like a christmas tree ODDLY APPEALING? think junky jeans, gnarly t-shirts, lots of flannel, slick little boots (chloe, please), and tons of vintage costume jewelry. i'm calling it "the opulent woodsman" and it is sooo my late fall/winter 08 casual concept...


Blogger -h of candid cool said...

the "opulent woodsman" i like that phrase. i wouldnt be surprised if i saw into lucky magazine or an american vogue...

2:54 PM  

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