22 October 2008

overtly gratuitous outfit post.

alright so i already talked about my fall/winter CASUAL CONCEPT, but this past friday i took its dressier version out for the night. "penthouse pauper" is my latest mantra for getting dressed to go out; it's a natty, quasi-victorian take on "poor little rich girl" (or, perhaps even MORE descriptive: david bowie visits the citizens band) and it - along with the real live fall weather - has given me an excuse to layer up with the blazers, slips, and vintage furs that are threatening to explode their way out of my closet. 
the destination for the evening was a teen vogue party at cusp, where the lemonade flowed like wine and i was NOT the lucky winner of the $1000 gift certificate. so bummed! i totally would have bought these and a whole bunch of loeffler randall....


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