22 November 2008

120 minutes (x2).

i wrote my BYT post this week on 90s style inspirations in preparation for 240 minutes - my friends kenny and phil's 90s alternative dance night. having been born in 1981 and then spending my formative years staring at MTV and loyally attending HFStivals, it was basically as if i'd been preparing for friday night at sticky rice MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE . here are just a FEW of the bands they played, all of which eventually led to dancing on top of booths and full-bar-singalongs:
no doubt
toad the wet sprocket
tripping daisy
the offspring
and green day.
it was 4 hours of complete, total, eighth grade-style satisfaction, and richmond is lucky to have kenneth and phil residing there full time. here's hoping they bring 240 minutes northward more often...


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