04 November 2008

cry baby berry johnson.

last week i had the PLEASURE of interviewing nilay lawson for BYT; her solo show, if you didn't know what this was, would you know what this is? opened saturday evening at transformer to a packed little house. the show is gorgeous and fun and full of surprises, the neatest of which was looking down and realizing that nilay had literally installed her very own handpainted floor into the gallery. amazing. the show runs through december 6 so hightail it over there sometime this month to check it out - just keep your hands off of cry baby berry johnson, because it's totally mine. yes, i bought art. i am an ADULT.
the party at transformer was friend-filled to the max and such a blast, and after the show we met up with EVEN MORE FRIENDS and headed to black cat to watch drink up buttercup. i missed them last month when they played with my friends new rock church of fire and i'm so glad to have caught them this time - they sound like a really happy man man, and i was stoked.
after leaving black cat we headed to 7th & rhode island to meet up with nilay for post-opening celebrations, which happened to be at quite literally the biggest apartment i have ever been in in my life. ben and i agreed that the whole experience was just completely surreal - the hallways were like mazes leading inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs; the ceilings in some of the rooms were at least 20 feet high and there was a balcony inside the bedroom that overlooked the main floor of the party, which was completely full of what seemed like hundreds of people in their halloween costumes. AND there was a candlelit shrine to elvis. it felt like a funhouse. luckily i had a pair of flats in my bag, because the rest of the night was spent running around that crazy apartment and dancing to hits from the 70s. it completely made up for having fallen asleep before midnight (while watching urban legend 2: final cut, NO LESS) on halloween proper.
basically, saturday was the best day/night ever, and i'm not even including the wildly successful target trip i took earlier in the day (where i scored the dress i wore that night) OR my residual glow from the excellent luck i had thrifting the previous afternoon...more on that later...


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