25 November 2008

the found shop.

as a visual merchandiser i consider myself pretty OCD when it comes to noticing how things are arranged (or aren't), especially when it comes to environments that exist outside the store i work in approximately one billion hours per week. my recent leanings towards all things  home (thanks, the selby, for taking over my LIFE) has pushed these tendencies into overdrive.
saturday night we were invited to a dinner party at a deardeardear friend's home in columbia heights. DC is a city of group houses, all of which see a constantly rotating cast of roommates - all of whom leave any number of things behind when they move out. this leads to a variety of STUFF, which, if you're lucky, will lend itself to a day of rainy-day exploring in the basement or shed or attic. if you're REALLY lucky then the mishmash of left behind objects will settle in and take shape around you in the form of the above - which, as i'm sure you can imagine, is only about one one-hundredth of the strange/neat/amazing little vignettes that abounded.
my entire life i've been the kind of person who asks to see your room or go through your stuff when i come over to your house; now i realize that it's far worse than that: i have turned out to be the kind of person who not only asks to go through your stuff but to photograph it as well. it was only a matter of time.


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