16 November 2008

gigantic love.

after having google-image searched elizabeth taylor for my BYT post this week (eye roll: on owning your own style - written in response to this crazy list of craziness about how women should avoid wearing "trendy clothes" in order to - ready? - "GET PLAY." but anyways.), it seemed fateful that last night giant was on PBS. i didn't watch the whole thing (mainly because it's 3 1/2 HOURS LONG), but what i did see of it was gorgeous - not least of all taylor. the film follows one generation of a texas cattle family (including all the accompanying social/economic/racial strife one can imagine), with rock hudson and elizabeth taylor at the center of the story; james dean also stars (for the last time) as cowboy-turned-oil tycoon jett rink. 
after spending some time looking at photos of the filming of the movie i can honestly say that i'm starting to understand the obsession over both dean and taylor. it's probably really easy to romanticize photos like the above when we're living in the age of THIS, but basically their INHERENT GLAMOUR knocked me out and i think i need to go find a highball glass and set my hair in rollers like now.     


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