17 November 2008

norwegian wood.

the cold weather seems more permanent now than it did a few weeks ago, and it's definitely inspired some closet-digging - and some style adjustments. the british, rock & roll vibe i've been going for seems slowly to be ticking more towards "the beatles go to india," and i'm blaming both my current obsession with worn indian rugs and this portait, which i photographed at the beginning of last month. some wardrobe-mining made for the above collage of key pieces (look, try not to be TOO blown away/don't act like you're not impressed by my highly mediocre photoshop skillz); i'm planning on skewing this concept a bit casual, so don't let the sparkle and the heels fool you - some knees-blown-out-skinny denim, tees, and busted up flats will be making their way into the mix, for sure.
clockwise from upper left: i got this richard chai-for-target top after the collection was marked down and i've yet to wear it - but i'm still a little obsessed with orange; this military pin belongs to my friend kathryn, and now i will most likely have to give it back; equal parts john, george, paul, ringo, and maharishi - i thrifted this jacket for $4; my new target watch; an insanely-marked-down anthropologie dress; both pairs nine west; my parents bought me this coat from the remix for my 20th birthday; pants from h&m - the khaki i really didn't wear ENOUGH this summer, and the black pair are ever-so-slightly dropcrotch (and i'm not ashamed); f21 jewels; and an ELEGANTLY/AWESOMELY sequinned thrift store jacket.


Blogger ciara said...

the blue coat is beautiful
and if you "accidently stole" that military pin from your friend I think they'd go very well together!

8:14 AM  

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