03 December 2008

are we men or are we devo?

bond; hemmings; pee wee herman thom browne.
i've spent the last few nights watching old bond movies on demand, and while i love them for all sorts of reasons (awesome spy gadgets, gratuitous killing, the undeniably charming misogyny), i think i was most surprised to have fallen head over heels for bond's STYLE. i don't really put all that much thought into menswear (though my boyfriend would BEG TO DIFFER. see: our recent, days-long argument over what he could and could not wear to our friends' wedding this past weekend), but, counting sean connery in goldfinger, i now have all of THREE iconic reference points to pull up when trying to convince ben to buy something. the other two? david hemmings in blowup (tight white pants and chelsea boots, siiiigh) and thom browne's whole shrunken suit steeze. i know what (little) i like and i'm sticking to it.  i will say this though - my recent foray into even THINKING about menswear couldn't be timelier - not only am i styling my first DUDE-ORIENTED shoot this weekend, but my friend alyssa also posted a great, vintage-heavy guide to what men should really wear at BYT on monday. such a dapper week.


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